American WhiskeyTincup(R),Colorado.
Hi, I’m Jess Graber fromColorado

I make whiskey.

I love Colorado and I love drinking whiskey, so its not hard to understand why I was proud to give my state a whiskey of its own. I started distilling in 1972, just 3 months after I moved to Colorado, when a neighbor of mine bequeathed me his still. I guess I found my calling, because after 40 years its still my passion.- Jess Graber

Let me explain howWhiskey

gets made here.

Tincup is a high rye bourbon cut with pure Rocky Mountain water. We use corn, rye, and malted barley. Grains are cracked in order to get at the starch inside and then cooked at warm temperatures under pressure, where the starches are converted to sugars, creating a mash.

This is ColoradoWaterDamn cold.


This is an Elk


My friend owns it.


We make Tincup and
it at our local tavern.


Got a question?

What’s In Tincup?

TINCUP is made from a blend of corn, rye, and malt cut with pure Rocky Mountain water. Technically speaking, it’s a bourbon, but it also has a very high rye content. Our unique mash bill and extraordinarily pure water gives TINCUP a bolder and spicier flavor than most bourbons.

Where Can I Buy Tincup?

TINCUP is now available in most states in the US.

How Should I Drink Tincup?

Up to you, but we’d recommend straight, on the rocks or with a touch of water. Don’t dilute the good stuff.

Who Is Jess Graber?

Jess is a whiskey veteran who taught himself distilling in Nederland, CO in 1972 after inheriting his neighbor’s still. In 2004 he created the state’s first legal whiskey, Stranahan’s. He’s worked as a volunteer firefighter, rodeo rider, golf caddy and bluegrass/rock musician, but his true passion is whiskey.

Is He Single?

No. Sorry, ladies.

Is Tincup Related To Stranahan’s?

No – TINCUP and Stranahan’s are completely different whiskeys, though Jess Graber founded them both.

Can I visit
the distillery?

Not yet! Right now we’re bottling in Denver while we get on our feet and set up a new home. Once it’s ready, we’ll post information here and invite everyone around for some whiskey.

Why Is It Called Tincup?

The name is a nod to the West’s first whiskey drinkers. The miners that came through Colorado looking for gold drank their whiskey out of tin cups. Tin Cup, CO is also a town on the western slope of the Rocky Mountains with a long mining past. The TINCUP Whiskey cap works as a cup, too.

Does Tincup Contain Gluten?

Rye has gluten in it, but the process of distilling and filtering whiskey should remove any traces of it. Most distillers will tell you the same, but there’s no government-approved test to show that gluten is completely gone from alcohol, so if you have a very sensitive allergy you’ll have to decide for yourself.

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