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These “Ambassadors in Adventure” share our mission to inspire new and profound experiences in the great outdoors.


Renan Ozturk

Renan started out as an expedition climber and landscape artist and has turned his passions into a career. In 2013, he was named National Geographic Adventurer of the Year for his combination of cutting-edge first ascent and visual storytelling. He currently works as a filmmaker, an expedition climber for The North Face, and a photojournalist for Sony and National Geographic.


Taylor Rees

Taylor is a filmmaker and photojournalist who is driven by an insatiable curiosity to explore and tell the stories beneath the surface. She infuses her passion for adventure into her work on environmental and humanitarian issues, bringing new perspectives and deeper public understanding to challenging topics such as climate change, energy, land use, and water.


Graham Zimmerman

An award-winning professional climber, Graham Zimmerman is a fervent climate activist and decorated alpinist. As an activist and advocate for our planet, he works as the lead of the Protect Our Winters CLIMB team. In addition to his advocacy, he specializes in complex logistics having run over 30 expeditions and assignments to many parts of the world.


Adrian Ballinger

As the founder of Alpenglow Expeditions and a certified mountain guide, Adrian has led over 150 expeditions on six continents. As a climber and skier, Adrian has summited Everest and K2 without supplemental oxygen (two of his seventeen 8000-meter peak summits), and is the only American to have made 3 complete ski descents of 8000-meter peaks, including the first ski descent of Manaslu, the 8th tallest mountain in the world.

Tatum Monod

After ski racing around the world, and a stint on the Freeride World Tour, Tatum turned her focus to freeride filming and was named the 2014/15 and 2016/17 Skier of the Year in Freeskier Magazine. Inspired by her father, Tatum has a lifelong love of fly fishing, which has led to her to some of the prettiest, most remote backcountry fishing locales in North America.

Dr. Len Necefer

Through his professional and academic work, Len has become one of the leading voices advocating for Native American representation in outdoor recreation and conservation. In addition to his outdoor adventures, Len is the CEO of NativesOutdoors, a Native-Owned Athletic and Creative Collective that advocates for the cultural empowerment of indigenous people.

Matt Segal

Matt left the beaches of Florida to scale the mountains of Boulder, CO. He is the founder of Alpine Start, a craft coffee company, and is currently on the road creating his own culinary and climbing magazine #BRINEmag. Catch him sipping on some straight TINCUP Rye after laying down mind-blowing lines.

Emily Harrington

Emily is the first woman to ever free climb ‘Golden Gate’ on El Capitan in under 24 hours, she’s a five-time US National Champion, summited Mt. Everest, and made a complete ski descent of Cho-Oyu (the sixth tallest peak).


Cody Townsend

Cody traded the beaches of California for the Mountains of the world and hasn’t looked back since. One of the most decorated free-skiers of all time, he successfully transitioned from a storied career in alpine ski racing to skiing some of the gnarliest lines the world has to offer.

Eeland Stribling

Eeland Stribling is a wildlife biologist and educator who currently works with Brown Folks Fishing, and many other conservation groups. When he’s not fly-fishing around the world he’s hanging with his dog. In addition to his work outside, he is also your aunty’s favorite stand-up comedian who sees his comedy as a way to inspire people to protect the places we all so desperately love.

Jim Morrison

Jim cemented his reputation as one of the greatest ski mountaineers of all time with a 2018 first descent of the Lhotse Couloir — one of the last remaining premiere high-altitude ski lines in the world. In addition to his time in the mountains, is also a successful entrepreneur, owning and operating a luxury home construction business in Lake Tahoe. He also gives back to his community as a board member of his local airport district and through his deep involvement in the environmental non-profit Protect Our Winters.


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